About ACNL Engineers P/L

ACNL Engineers P/L is a Civil and Structural Engineering design consultancy firm with the head office in Torquay, Victoria and operations located in Tweed Heads. We service in all states of Australia.

Since commencement in 2005 our consultancy firm has its head office located at Torquay within the Surf Coast Shire and consistently services Victoria and Australia. Our head office is in Torquay Victoria, but we also operate out of Tweed Heads NSW.

We are able to service Australia wide.

We undertake a variety of project types including structural design of domestic, commercial and industrial buildings, design of structural elements for community art projects and have expertise forensic assessments of buildings and other structures and concrete degradation assessment and ‘End of Life’ gantry crane assessments.

Our capabilities include design in concrete. timber, steel and aluminium amongst other materials and we have experience in concrete repair and protection, which includes assessment of concrete spalling and corrosion of reinforcing.

The firm endeavours to incorporate sustainability principals particularly when considering materials used in a project whenever the opportunity is available and reasonable.

We are motivated towards working with clients to attain their vision for a project and we pride ourselves on our staff’s accessibility by clients.

In building construction, Engineers are the invisible presence that brings the architect or designer’s concepts into reality. In a broad sense, architects create the ‘skin’ defining the usable space that we live and work. The Engineer relies on the physical sciences to create a “skeleton” of interconnected elements that support the shell in the physical world.