Structural engineering is the main focus of ACNL Engineers P/L, but small to moderate civil design projects have always been part of the mix of projects undertaken.

The firm offers the following services:

  • Structural Engineering Design including;
    • Residential dwellings; from boutique architectural designs to ‘volume’ builder housing.
    • Multi-unit residential developments
    • Commercial projects (shops, offices, warehouses and factories)
      • Precast concrete and steel portal frame building design
      • Concrete design
      • Timber design
    • Industrial projects; design of buildings and structures and crane EOL assessments
    • Public Art projects
    • Public buildings
    • Individual projects such as retaining walls and single beams for residential extensions
    • Public park decks, park walkways and pedestrians bridges
    • Landscape structures
    • Road and railway underpasses
    • Aged Care facilities
  • Forensic Engineering
    • Inspections and unbiased reports on insurance claims for both owners and insurance companies.
    • Inspection, reporting and recommendations on residential and commercial building defects and building movements.
    • Dilapidation inspections and reports giving the existing structural conditions prior to construction or purchase
  • Concrete Repair and Protection
    • Inspection and assessment of concrete spalling and reinforcing corrosion.
    • Provision of remedial recommendations and supervision of rectification work
  • Site Inspections
    • Inspection and assessment of structural building elements. With the change in responsibility of Building Surveyors, we now offer a service of undertaking site inspection of structural elements of a building or structure to ensure compliance with design documentation.
    • These inspections are particularly relevant for building footings to ensure that the design is suitable for the site after excavation or filling of the site.
  • Civil Engineering Design includes:
    • Carparks, driveways, paving and access road surfaces for residential and public buildings and multi-unit developments
    • Stormwater design for residential dwellings, multi-unit residential developments, public buildings and commercial projects. These projects often require the incorporation of WSUD principals including water detention and retention
    • Service stations and commercial properties – water sensitive urban designs incorporating the removal of hydrocarbons and other pollutants from stormwater runoff prior to entering the local authorities systems

Our engineers are familiar in designing with timber, steel, aluminium, glass and concrete. We have experience in in the design of projects that were constructed of mudbrick, rammed earth and straw bales.

Our firm endorses a policy of continuing professional development and support our staff attending technical seminars and educational sessions.